The Top 10 Online Storage Providers of 2015

Online storage will help you back up the data stored on your computer in a safe manner on remote servers. It will provide you with access to these files from anywhere your home computer, mobile phone or computer at work. Sharing links referral to specific files or folders expands the functionality of backup services to new levels. is a comparison site dedicated to helping you find the best online storage solutions on the market. To offer this free service, we may receive advertising profits from providers we feature here.

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$14.99/Mo.14 DaysUnlimited Unlimited
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14 Days Unlimited Unlimited
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$2.95/Mo.30 DaysUnlimited Unlimited
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$6.00/Mo.14 Days 5TBUnlimited
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$4.95/Mo.14 DaysUnlimited Unlimited
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Online storage services allow you to store your electronic data on a remote server owned by the storage provider. This provides an alternative to portable storage devices like flash drives and local storage devices such as disk drives. One of the benefits of online storage is that you can access your data from almost anywhere and any device. The number of devices that are used by the average person continues to increase and online storage allows you to sync, transfer and access data from all your devices.

This not only speeds up the transfer of data between devices but it allows you to share files. The ability to share files is essential for business users but also for consumers who want to share videos, photos and other media with family and friends. If you have a lot of data to store and share then it is best to choose an unlimited data storage and sharing plan.

What to Look For in an Online Storage Provider

There are many online storage providers and each provider offers their own unique service. One of the most important factors to consider when choosing an online storage provider is the storage space. You need to choose an online storage provider that offers you a sufficient amount of space for your files. You should keep in mind that digital movies are usually between 700 MB and 3 GB for each file, digital photos and videos range from 5 MB to over 100 MB and mp3 files are between 3 and 4 MB. The online storage service should also be easy to use when you store, transfer and restore your files.

There are other features you may also want in an online storage provider including file versioning, offline syncing and folder sharing. These features provide you with convenient sharing options and give you more control over your stored data. You should also choose a service that enables you to easily update your stored files so any changes you make to files on your computer will be reflected in your stored files. In addition, you want to use an online storage provider that allows you to store all of the file types you use. Many providers also allow you to access your data from multiple computers and mobile devices for added convenience.

Other Factors to Consider

  • Security: If you want your files and data to be stored securely then you will want to choose a provider that uses encryption technology to protect your data.
  • Customer Support: If there are any problems or issues you will want to be sure that you can easily contact customer support.
  • Ease of Access: Some providers are completely web-based which means you can access your information from almost anywhere. Providers that are downloaded onto a single computer generally only allow access from the computer which limits the accessibility to your data.